"Watt's Up" DC Watt Meter & Power Analyzer V2

Watt's Up Watt Meter


"Watt's Up" comes in two colors, Electric Blue and Onyx.

Supplied without connectors.


"Watt's Up" model: WU100, version 2


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"Watt's Up" Watt meter features

  • The original (since 2004) Watt's Up meter with Data Queue value readout
  • ±1% V. accuracy; measures 8 DC electrical values; Sunlight readable LCD display
  • 60 Volts; 100 Amps peak; 6554 Watts; 65 Amp hours; 6554 Watt hours
  • Captures peak Amps (Ap); peak Watts(Wp); minimum Voltage (Vm "sags")
  • Designed, made & calibrated by us in the USA to ISO 9001 standards
  • Easily reset accumulated readings using external pushbutton switch.
  • Small and light - 2.8" L x 1.7" W x 0.83" D, 2.3 oz.
  • Built-in 0.001 Ohm current shunt resistor
  • Self powered (~ 0.007 Amps) or use an auxiliary battery
  • Full manual with electrical tutorial
  • Better than the dc amp meter of a multitester or digital multimeter (DMM) because of much higher current, lower insertion resistance and eight total measurements.
  • One Year Warranty


Easy to use. No configuration, programming or computer necessary. Use the "Watt's Up" meter to easily measure eight electrical parameters in most DC electronics applications.

Connect like jumper cables between a battery or DC power source (e.g., solar panel) and a load (motor, rechargeable battery, light, electrical circuit, etc).

Voltage, Current and Power are continuously displayed while Ah, Wh, peak current, minimum voltage and peak power are displayed sequentially in the "Data Queue" position at lower left corner of screen.

Watt's Up Watt meter uses low power (~ 0.007A) from your circuit so no batteries are needed. Or power it with an external 4 to 60 Volt DC power source via 3-pin socket with our CON100 auxiliary power connector cable to eliminate power draw from your circuit and allow voltage measurement down to 0 Volts.

The "Watt's Up" low shunt resistance means it doesn't interfere with the components you connect it to. Current is measured in the "negative" or "ground" (black) lead.

The "Watt's Up" Watt meter comes with unterminated 14 gage, 3.8" long, hi-flex, high temperature, silicone insulated wires that are rated for much higher currents than conventional wire.

"Watt's Up" Meter Specifications

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It's useful in many electrical and electronics applications like these: DC Watt meter, DC Amp meter, Amp Hour & Watt Hour Meter Applications.

Example Connections

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Watt's Up Meter