Watt's Up Watt Meter Reviews

The "Watt's Up" DC watt meter has received many favorable on-line and print reviews. References and links to some of them are provided below.

Online Video Reviews

While these reviews often contain factual errors, they still provide useful user perspectives. The instructions supplied with our meters and our user's manual address most topics reviewers seem unclear about.

Comparison review of Watt's Up and generic knock-offs. Note that Watt's Up price is now half what it is mentioned in review.

Review and testing Watt's Up Watt meter.

Watt's Up used to evaluate RC plane prop parameters Note price is now half what it is mentioned in review.

Online Reviews for Some RC Applications

At RCGroups / E-Zone

RC Electronics "Watt's Up" Meter - A Quick Look, by Bernard Cawley

"Watt's Up" Meter tested, by Kevin Petrilla

At RC Universe

"Watt's Up" R/C Watt Meter, by Greg Covey

Old Print Magazine Articles

Quiet Flyer Magazine

"Know Watt’s Up: The Watt’s Up meter and Power Analyzer", October 2005, Vol10, Issue10

Model Aviation Magazine

Worth a Closer Look, July 2005, Vol31, Number 7

Model Airplane News

Product Watch, October 2005

Fly R/C Magazine

Gear Up, September 2005, Issue 22


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