RC Electronics, Inc. International Sales

International customers

We have listed below some companies you may be able to order our products from.

International sales policy

Unfortunately we are not yet making direct individual sales to other than the continental United States. We know that is frustrating for our international customers and we apologize for that.

Why Not?

International sales (exports) present additional difficulties in collecting payments, in shipping orders, in export documentation and in providing quality technical support and product servicing. We are a growing small company trying to minimize product and operations costs and maximize product value. Right now, individual international sales just cost us too much for it to make sense. Many other companies chose not to do international sales for similar reasons. The situation may change in the future as we grow. Please watch our website for changes.

What you can do?

However, here's how you can both help us and get our products for yourselves. Ask your favorite vendors and dealers to carry our products. They can contact us to become importers and dealers at


The economies of scale in our exporting to them benefit everyone. They can sell to you. You don't have to pay high shipping costs and high import duties and everybody is happy.

Thank you for your interest in our products and your understanding.

Some domestic dealers with international sales

The following companies carry our products and sell outside of the United States.

All Battery - San Jose, CA (US & Canada)

BatterySpace.com - Richmond, CA

Ham Radio Outlet - Sunnyvale, California

Powerwerx, Inc. - Brea, California

Tower Hobbies - Champaign, Illinois



International Sales