Electrical Contact Lubricant and Anti-corrosion Protectants


AX7 Electrical Contact Lubricant

connector lubricant, contact lubricant & corrosion inhibitor


Use our AX7 connector lubricant & metal corrosion inhibitor to make electrical connectors more reliable and solve corrosion problems just like the military does.

We think its proprietary formulation is the best on the market.

Unlike lesser connector lubricant products, some of which actually increase corrosion, AX7-C uses the same active ingredients as used in one of the two formulations chosen by the US military for wide use in critical systems like jet fighters and nuclear submarines. The many other anti-corrosion products they tested failed to achieve the performance necessary to meet the tough military spec. and in some cases, actually made matters worse!

AX7-C is greaseless, water-displacing, contains no silicones or petroleum oils and is non-toxic and non-flammable.

See more on why AX7 is superior here: connector lubricant, contact lubricant, corrosion inhibitor & anti-corrosion protectant.

Purchasing AX7 Connector Lubricant

For further details and to purchase or request samples of AX7 for industrial applications, please email us at:


Our Legacy Products (no longer in production): "Watt's Up" and Doc Wattson Digital DC Watt Meter, DC Amp meter, Amp and Watt Hour Digital Battery Monitor


Our "Watt's Up" Watt meter, made in the USA 2004 - 2019, is a quality, rugged, low-cost tool for measuring in a wide range of precision DC electrical mutitester applications. As Watt meter, DC Amp meter, Watt Hour meter, battery capacity monitor, electric vehicle and alternative energy research tool and load tester to name just a few.

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