How to Use Our Meter

Our "Watt's Up" and Doc Wattson meters are general purpose test and measurement equipment and can be used in a wide range of DC (direct current, but not AC) applications.

The meters measure current and voltage and all the other measurements (e.g., power, Ah, peak current, etc.) are computed from those.

You connect the meter between the source of power (e.g., battery) and the load (e.g., motor) that's using the power. This way the current flowing goes through the meter and can be measured.

Wire Connections

The Source red wire goes to the positive polarity of the Source, and the Load red wire to the positive polarity of the Load. This provides power to the meter and is the measurement point for the Voltage the meter displays. The red wire is just one piece through the meter.

The meter only measures current in one direction so the black wires must be correctly connected. BOTH ends of the black wires must be connected for current to be measured.

The Source black wire goes to the negative (ground) of the power source. The Load black wire goes to the negative polarity of the load. Connected like this, current from the load returns to the source through the black wire and will be measured.

The black wires are connected inside the meter across a built-in current shunt. The shunt is where the current flow is measured.

If the meter is displaying current it will be able to compute and display Watts Amp hours, Watt hours, peak Amps and Peak Watts (no peak watts on Doc Wattson).

Wires can be misconnected (but not shorted) without damaging the meter They must be correctly connected for the meter to work.

Resetting the Measurements

If you need to reset the measurements, connect a pushbutton switch wired to the auxiliary connector as described in the instructions and User's Manual.

The wires come without any connectors as there are so many possible connector options. You need to choose connectors appropriate for your application. Connections might be crimp-on, screw terminal, soldered and even clip-on if a low current application.

Getting More Information

The instruction card included with the meter has more details. Our "Watt's Up" & Doc Wattson Watt Meter User's Manual, available online, contains in-depth information on meter use and a basic electricity tutorial. You'll get the most from the wide range of our meter capabilities by reading these materials.


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