Electrical Test Equipment

*** We are no longer manufacturing our meters. ***

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"Watt's Up" Watt meter

Our Watt's Up Watt meter measures eight key electrical parameters. Current, voltage, power, charge, energy and captures three transient electrical conditions.

Digital DC ammeter, battery monitor & amp hour meter

Our "Watt's Up" DC Ammeter measures eight parameters: Amp hours (Ah), Watt hours (Wh), voltage, Watts and captures peak current (Amps), peak power (Watts) and voltage sag (minimum Volts).

"Watt's Up" Digital DC Ammeter

RV battery monitoring & marine battery bank monitoring

"Doc Wattson" has higher capacity than "Watt's Up". It acts as a "fuel gage" to monitor battery bank Amp hours, Kilo Watt Hours and the seven electrical values needed in RV and Marine applications.

Doc Wattson High Energy Battery Monitor

Electric bike, ebike, electric vehicle & wheelchair battery monitoring

To measure Amp hours, battery capacity, charge efficiency, range and all the electrical values for ebike and electric vehicles.

Doc Wattson or "Watt's Up" can be your Electric Bike Battery Monitor

Current shunt resistors & ammeter shunts

We sell Current Shunt Resistors for a wide range of current sensing and measurement applications.

Connector lubricant & metal corrosion inhibitor

AX7-C connector lubricant & metal corrosion inhibitor brings military spec. grade protection to all electrical connector contacts.


We're always working on new products so please come back and see what we're doing.


Electrical Test Equipment