DC Watt Meter, Amp Meter & Amp Hour Meter Simulator - The First Online!

With our "Watt's Up" DC Watt meter, DC amp meter and power analyzer you can measure the Amps, Amp Hours, Watt Hours, Volts, Watt's and other electrical parameters not usually found in digital multimeters. "Watt's Up" can end the mystery about what happening in your system.

To get a better feel for all of our Watt meter's functions give this simulation a try. It's easy.

You can set electrical values for experimental sources and loads and see how changing parameters changes the readings on the "Watt's Up" meter display. You can vary things like source voltage, "throttle" settings, and the resistances of your battery, motor & controls, wiring, etc. and see their effect on your electrical system.

Use your mouse to adjust the sliders and arrows to change values. The meter values change to show you what's going on.

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Meter Simulator