RC Electronics, Inc.

Was founded in 2004.

The two founders of RC Electronics combine more than 60 years of experience in developing state-of-the art and first-of-a-kind electronics, optics and software systems. Since the early days of the 8-bit microprocessor and 300 baud modems they have created designs and worked with teams that integrated leading edge technologies to solve tough business automation problems and create useful products. Over the years the founders have developed relations with experts in aspects of product creation from market research, proposal and RFQ response, product design, fabrication, and testing to the manufacture, distribution and sales.

RC Electronics focuses this expertise on opportunities in markets that use battery and power generation technologies. Example products include DC Amp meters, Amp hour, Watthour and power meters, power analyzers and battery chargers.

Peter Vavaroutsos

Mr. Vavaroutsos has over 25 years of experience designing electronics hardware and software systems including a high level of expertise in system architecture, ASIC (Application specific Integrated Circuit) architecture/implementation, high speed digital design, device drivers, and embedded real time control. His analog and digital electronics skills include ASIC's for Bluetooth and other Spread Spectrum radio strategies as well as ASIC's and FPGA's (Field Programmable Gate Array) for numerous other digital electronics systems. He has done the specification and hardware design of systems using microprocessors &microcontrollers from Intel, Atmel, Microchip, Motorola, DEC, Zilog, Hitachi, Philips, Cypress, and Fujitsu and performed the firmware (software) designs as well. He has designed ARM interface hardware and written ARM firmware.

Mr. Vavaroutsos' software experience includes programming in C,C++, Pascal, microcode, assembly language and VHDL. He is also adept in the CAD tools and scripting languages used to create modern digital and analog electronics such as OrCad, Verilog, Synplicity, Synopsis, ModelSim, Leonardo Spectrum and SPICE.

Some examples of Mr. Vavaroutsos' designs: Bluetooth Radio and Spread Specrum ASIC's; System design for an eBook device; wireless, portable barcode scanner and base station USB interface; ADSL modem & rounter; Next Generation HDTV design, Gigabit fiber optic cable amplifier; RAID disk system product design and manufacture;

Mr. Vavaroutsos has several patents approved and pending.

The co-founder and executive of several technology companies and a consultant of many years, Mr. Vavaroutsos will focus on the engineering efforts at RC Electronics.

Keith Blei

With an engineering career in electronics, optics and mechanical hardware design for industrial automation that began in 1981, Mr. Blei brings a unique background to RC Electronics.

Throughout his career, Mr. Blei has combined pioneering design engineering in electronics, optical/mechanical and software with the management of the teams in charge of manufacturing, testing, implementing, promoting and/or selling the projects. Mr. Blei is talented at operating within cross-functional teams involving personnel from both the vendor and customer in order to ensure that problems would find solutions and requests would materialize into results. Design projects typically began with customer visits to identify long-standing business problems. After identifying opportunities with significant ROI potential, Mr. Blei would create a specification and proposal for a system design to solve the customer's problem. Following customer acceptance, Mr. Blei would, along with other team members, design and build the system, often using or creating state-of-the-art technology, and deliver and install it at the customer's site. Working closely with the customer's personnel was often crucial to a project's success.

Mr. Blei's engineering design background includes: RF and small signal analog and digital electronics including FPGA's; Opto-mechanical systems and lenses; mechanical systems for alignment, calibration and packaging; Software for image processing, testing, Internet applications; Control Area Network Fieldbuses like Devicenet; High pressure chemical washing systems.

Some examples of Mr. Blei's projects: Illumination systems, and high speed cameras for PC board and ceramic substrate optical inspection and vegetable inspection; business card sized, state-of-the-art performance IndustryPack data acquisition circuit boards; Gigabit FO Reflective Memory; 100KW CO2 pulse LASER marking system; Currency and valuable object counterfeit detection and anticounterfeit enhancement; Hot Steel dimensional measurement system; Ultra low power, automated measurement of Carbon nanotube devices; Fully automated conveyor washing cleanup systems for meat packing; RF Spread Spectrum, CDMA/TDMA stealth sensor device; Low power, RF wireless, 2D Matrix Code reader.

Mr. Blei has several patents approved and pending.

He has co-founded four technology companies and will focus on RC Electronics' online sales and marketing efforts.

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