Electric Bike & Scooter Battery & Amp Hour Meter

More Than Just An Amp Hour Meter Or Watt Meter

The "Watt's Up" electric bike & scooter battery & amp hour meter tells you everything you need to know about electric bike and scooter operation and can be the most valued of your electric bike or scooter accessories. Motorized wheelchair and motorized bicycle owners will love it too.

Use the Amp hour (Ah) and Watt hour (Wh) measurements as a "fuel gage" for range so you don't get stranded. They're much more accurate for this than voltage measurements or LED "Battery Indicators".

Measure charge consumption (Ah & Wh), motor Amps, battery voltage and efficiency, power usage and troubleshoot hard to find electrical problems with the peak Amps & Watts and minimum voltage measurements. The peak and minimum measurements also help you verify safe operation of motors, controllers and batteries.

Helps you evaluate the effect of component changes and tuning.

Try our meter simulator and see how it works.

"Watt's Up" works with your 12, 24, 36 or 48 volt battery up to 60 V. Lead acid, SLA, NimH, NiCD and Lithium ion and Li-Poly or Lithium polymer batteries are all compatible.

"Watt's Up" does it all. You'll wonder how you got along without it.

Watt's Up watt meter

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It measures:

  • Amp-Hours
  • Watt-hours
  • Amps
  • Peak Amps, peak Watts, and minimum Voltage ("sags")
  • Watts
  • Voltage

Easy To Use

Connect it like jumper cables between battery and motor controller. Plus to plus, minus to minus. Or use a "3-wire" connection (e.g. for handlebar mounting) so only two wires need to carry high current. "Watt's Up" is supplied without connectors so you can connect it however you like.

Better than a multimeter because of higher current limit, real time calculation of power, Amp hour and Watthour measurements, capture of peak Amps, peak Watts and voltage minimums and does so with much lower shunt resistance.

Summary of Features

  • Low, 0.001 Ohm insertion resistance
  • Small size and lightweight - 2.8" L x 1.7" W x 0.83" D, 2.3 oz.
  • Full manual with electrical tutorial
  • Made in USA to ISO 9001 (like Hewlett Packard uses) quality standards
  • One Year Warranty


See more detailed Amp meter specifications.

Example Connections

See Bike Meter connection diagrams.

Power Options

"Watt's Up" draws very little current (~ 0.007 Amps) from your main battery. Or you can choose to power it (using our auxiliary power connector cable) with an external battery or power source. The auxiliary power source can have a wide voltage range. Statistics are maintained until all power sources are removed.


WU100-BK Price

Supplied without connectors.

"Watt's Up" comes in three colors.  (pop-up window).

"Watt's Up" model: WU100, Version 2   


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DC Amp Meter Applications

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE this meter! I'm playing around building CD ROM motors and the meter makes it so easy to objectively evaluate the performance of each motor. I am also very pleased with the size, construction and ease of use.

Thanks for a great product! - T.S.

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