Meter Support & Downloads

Meter hookup & connection diagrams

The following connection diagrams show, graphically, some typical applications.

Many other applications and arrangements are possible.

DC Amp meter & Watt meter connections

Three-wire RV & marine meter connections 

Electric bike, ebike battery meter connections

User manuals: models WU100 & R102

The "Watt's Up" Watt meter and power analyzer user's manual includes examples of watt meter applications as well as general electrical tutorial information for its use.

There is a separate manual for each "Watt's Up" version and each manual is complete. You only need the manual for the version you have.

Determining your meter's version number

The power up screen shows the meter's version number. Also, the instruction card that comes with the model WU100, Version 2 has a photo of the "Watt's Up" on it.

Advanced technical topics

Our special meter modifications page discusses some topics that may be of interest to a technical audience. Increasing the voltage range and using with an external 500 Amp shunt are some example topics.


Meter Support & Downloads