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Auxiliary Power Connector Cable

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Meter Auxiliary power connector Model: CONN100  •  CONN100 Price

AX7 Connector Lubricant & Corrosion Inhibitor

Prevents failures, maximizes current flow, minimizes connector wear -- especially with low-cost connectors. General purpose anti-corrosion coating for metals.
Best there is. Provides better protection than the military requires — even on premium quality gold connectors.

For evaluation and small projects, pn CL102 is a can with 3fl.oz. of AX7-C available for $49 plus shipping.

To purchase or request samples of AX7 for industrial applications, please email us at:
or call us at extension 707.

Replacement Meter Case

Our black, injection molded ABS plastic case. Same as used on our Onyx colored meters (which are ultrasonically welded).

Set of one case top and one case bottom. Can be glued together using ABS cement available at building supply stores.

Useful if your case was somehow damaged, or you want to change cases to the ABS plastic, etc.

Intended for use by technically savvy individuals only.

Please note that removing/changing cases, voids our warranty.

Sorry, the replacement meter case is temporarily SOLD OUT from our website.
It will be back in stock by September 10th. For retail purchasing, please try one of our dealers. Wholesale purchasers should contact us directly, as usual.

Model: CASE10-BK  •  CASE10-BK Price

"Watt's Up" Meter

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Watt's Up watt meter Model: WU100, Version 2  •  WU100-BK Price

Note: Connectors not included.

Choose a Color:  

See the "Watt's Up" colors   (pop-up window, takes a moment to load)

"Doc Wattson" Meter

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> Review the user's manual

Watt's Up watt meter Model: R102, Version 2  •  R102-BK Price

Note: Connectors not included.

CSAxxx & CSBxxx Current Shunt Resistors & Ammeter Shunts

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Current shunt

*in Continental USA.

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