"Doc Wattson" R102 DC Ammeter & Amp Hour Meter

The Doc Wattson meter is our standard Watt's Up model WU100 modified to have higher Ah and Wh limits. This helps for measuring systems that handle more energy. e.g., wind power, solar power and large battery systems. I.e., it is a Higher Energy version of the Watt's Up WU100.

Doc Wattson changes compared to our standard Watt's Up model WU100 are described below.

Upon power up the meter's screen shows: "RCE HEx.x" where x.x is the version number.

Doc Wattson, R102, V2 Measurement Specifications

Increased measurement range changes compared to WU100 are shown in bold type.

Parameter Range Resolution Accuracy
0-60  Volts *
0.01 V ± (1% + 0.035)
0-100  Amps ***
0.01 A ± (2% + 0.06)
0-6554 Watts
0.1 W  
0-6554 Amp hours
0.1 Ah  
0-650 KiloWatthours
0.01 KWh (10 Wh)  

* Using auxiliary power/battery input. Minimum is ~4.0 V without it.
*** 50 Amps continuous. Derate for wire temperatures above 70 Deg C.

Other Features & Specifications

Are the same as "Watt's Up" model WU100 dc-ammeter specs, except:

  • No peak Watts measurement
  • Display format has Amps and Volts in same column
  • For slightly slower 0.65 second display update rate.
  • Only available in Onyx (black) color.

Doc Wattson R102 Specs.