Digital DC Ammeter, Amp Hour, Battery Fuel Gauges & Other Meters

Batteries, battery chargers, AC inverters, motorized bicycles and wheelchair motors, solar power and wind power generators are examples of electric technologies all rapidy evolving and enabling greater performance and diversity in their applications. Alternative energy applications also find many uses for our products.

This technology evolution drives our product research in digital DC ammeters, amp hour meters & Watt Hour meters and related electrical test equipment for end users and OEMs.

Our test equipment is used as: electric bicycle battery fuel gauges, Wattmeters, battery monitors, power analyzers, battery capacity monitor, load testers, etc.

Our background and experience in electronics, software, optics, systems integration and ISO 9001 quality manufacturing give us a strong position from which to create quality, cost effective, useful products for you.

For example, our "Doc Wattson" DC Amp Hour meter gives you a precision, rugged, low cost tool for measuring power, charge, energy, current and voltage in a wide range of battery, electric vehicle and alternative energy applications. And it does so at a breakthrough low cost, small size and without needing a computer to use it.

Try our online Amp hour meter simulator and see how our "Watt's Up" power analyzer works.

Use AX7 connector lubricant & metal corrosion inhibitor to make connectors reliable and prevent corrosion like the military does.

Our goal at RC Electronics, Inc. is to be the leading vendor of high performance, affordable, and dependable technology to get you answers to your electrical questions.

If you don't see what you need, please contact us. Let us know what other products you'd like to see.

We also design and modify our equipment for OEMS and are always working on new applications.




Don't guess "Watt's Up" — measure!


Why Do You Need Our Meters?

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE this meter! I'm playing around building CD ROM motors and the meter makes it so easy to objectively evaluate the performance of each motor. I am also very pleased with the size, construction and ease of use.

Thanks for a great product! - T.S.

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